Doza by Night

The Belated Recap
End of a play, beginning of an Orgy

Before the final act we are warned of a dangerous foe by a messenger from the Animal house, whom also delivers us a mysterious scroll. We encounter a Bone Devil in the next act, whom we ultimately defeat with the assistance of the scroll we were given that helps us circumvent it’s Damage Reduction. The actor playing the traitor attempts to flee the stage, and is frozen in place then vanishes. Collected 200 gold worth of coins from pouches thrown at us in celebration. Later, backstage, we catch a glimpse of the actor being held down by house guards. From a darkened corner of the room we see a small portion of a giant reveal itself and pull the traitor into a shadow dimension.

Next the pre-game to the orgy begins. In this ensuing party we come across 5 notable NPCs and are able to deduce that the entrance to the vault is a mirror. The vault is also guarded by possibly infernal creatures. Shadow creatures are also a connection to the infernal realm. Also the thief Vetrius spoke to, Fenrick Drovingch, is willing to pay for information on the vault so contacts have been set in place to do so later.

Go up into the attic after orgy begins. Someone has been through here recently. Find secret door that has a disabled magic trap on it that would’ve exploded. Find a metal mirror underneath a greasy rag. Touching the key and the mirror allows entry into the vault. Leads to a kind of pocket dimension that appears to be constantly changing. Inside we find the carcass of an elven wizard. Has robes on. Haversack full of pearls, scrolls, and a piece of parchment. Stabbed to death. Body was dumped here. Password guesses on parchment.

Scrolls inside the haversack:
a scroll of chill touch
a scroll of command undead
a scroll of ray of exhaustion
a scroll of vampiric touch
a scroll of false life

Moving deeper inside we find and fight 3 demon quill beasts (Howlers). Shortly thereafter we come across a small library. In said library Vetrius finds the book:“Drowned Jabe and his miserable brothers and sisters”. Next we come across a prison. Everyone has died of old age except for one prisoner who is clearly insane. Bearded Devil with a glaive in a prison cell (Will come back to kill this Devil and steal his glaive). Sustenance prison cells, rested in cells. Moved on, found poop waterfall room. Smells absolutely terrible. Lacedons come up. One of the lacedons turns out to be Jabe. We killed his brothers/sisters and befriend Jabe. He found money in the poop water. 1000 gp worth of stuff and a wand of levitate.

After we leave this room we find an ice slide. We use wand of levitate to navigate past. Jabe slides down, takes no damage.

Come to intersection. Jabe investigates. West is pit with chains. South is door. Through door find another intersection. 4 ways to go. SW and SE are stairs. West and South are corridors with Signs. Arachnophobia and Ophidiophobia.

The Paladin, the Damsel and the Arch-Devil
Plus his merry band of men

We learned from the Animal House that Rowan’s estate is essentially an impregnable fortress. Easiest way to enter is to take part in a party that hosts a play that is part bloodsport part Shakespeare. Vertrius, Reidnar, and Dyrim elected to take part in the play after the script had been laid out for them. A paladin would travel into hell to rescue his kidnapped love. The role of the Paladin would be played by Dyrim. Reidnar and Vetrius would play the roles of the Paladins companions alongside two other actors, conscripted into the play. Another actor would play the role of betrayer. One of the Paladins comrades would turn on the group mid-way through their journey.

In anticipation for the play and it’s hazards, the group purchased 4650 gp worth of goods. Several potions and a wand of eagle splendor.

The play started out smoothly enough. The resist potions they purchased proved useful as they protected them from the wall of fire that simulated their descent into hell. The actor playing the betrayer had apparently participated in and lived through this play before, filling the same role, and it showed in his knowledge of the hazards. Vetrius was playing it up to the audience and did a decent job of keeping the spotlight bouncing between himself and the betrayer. Reidnar and Dyrim were hitting their lines and navigating the dangers well enough to keep the audience interested in the play. The other two actors, Falco and redshirt were not having the best of luck. Fire in the second act all but burned the redshirt to a crisp, leaving him completely naked by the start of the third act. In the third act both Falco and the redshirt ended up taking a tumble in the acid pit while trying to reach the skeletal archers. Vetrius and Reidnar tag-teamed the skeletons in daring fashion while Dyrim took the time to save Falco’s life. The Betrayer assisted in taking out the archers but did so in the most douchebag way he could manage. He struggled some with his rapier which kept him from stealing the show as it were, and Vetrius’ somersault behind the enemy lines definitely caught the audience’s attention.

In between acts, Vetrius sabotaged the Betrayer’s outfit so that when next he drew his weapon, his pants would fall down.

In the fourth act they met with a Cerberus, and the betrayer revealed himself to be a traitor. They all managed to keep their cool and not run into a spinning wall of blades out of fear of the Cerberus, although Vetrius botched his line rather terribly as a result. Dyrim however delivered a particularly captivating performance on his which no doubt stole the audience’s attention away from the whimpering Vetrius.

Next they had a sitdown with the arch-demon and played a game of chance. Essentially russian roulette with drinks. Dyrim unfortunately downed a poison that would have claimed his life were it not for Falco intervening with a potion of his own.

That is where we ended for the night.

Current Party funds: 2811pg 2sp 5cp

The Fiery Pit
Where are children belong

The Underpants is here to regale you with another daring tale of the Stringed Axe of the Flying Underpants’ escapadees. First, we must visit unto the origin story of a particular tiefling. The infamous Cheesybread. When this tiefling was but a mere lad, he had fallen prey to many a cutpurse. In an attempt to save his meager earnings, he decided to hide his coin in a secret pocket in the seat of his pants. One cunning cutpurse caught wind of this new hiding place and cut the pocket just as the young tiefling broke gas. ‘When he cuts the cheese, bread appears’ the cutpurse immediately shouted out with so much mirth. And so the name Cheesybread followed that tiefling for the rest of his days.

On this faithful day, collaborators against Cheesybread’s recent ascent to power were mulling over plans to retake the manor that was theirs by rights. Our true heros, the members of SAxFU, donned mystical attire and presented themselves as orphaned tieflings seeking to join the collaborators cause. The leader of this rag tag group, Spike, is usually the skeptical sort but with little other option in sight she gratefully accepted the plan that they set before her. These orphans showed such vigor and promise that she tasked her entire gang of followers with assisting them in recovering a secret document that would put them in favor with those who currently protect the children of the pit. Our heroes split into two groups, the inflitration squad and the distraction team. With the assistance of Spike’s group, two entrances are hit at the same time while we inflitrate via the third. Swift death rains upon those who attempt to dissaude these comrades from their path. Upon arriving at Malice’s chambers they come across the reknowned Cheesybread. A brief scuffle leaves them at a temporary impasse. Cheesybread has a few magical tricks up his sleeve that gives him an opportunity to broker for his life. He is then forced to strip naked, revealing a phallus that glows with fire (he insists is purely natural, but I know disease when I see it), and point the group in the direction of the document they require. After this he is allowed to leave……with instructions that should walk him directly into Spike and her group. The squad quickly ransacks the room before setting it ablaze and baring the door. Disappearing under Bekken’s magics they disperse from the manor before they can be discovered and are asked to hold up their end of the bargain.

That is how real heroes do it. Chivalry died a long time ago, and honor only gets you killed faster. Never forget it.

(long story short. we found spike, convinced her to help. raided the pit’s manor. killed a bunch of people. found what we needed to give the torio’s. stole malice’s and the divine caster’s magic items along with 30 platinum worth of coin then burned the place down and got out clean)

Sal and Gus, Private Eye's
Who watches the city watch

Small information gathering session.

Vetrius was able to find out that there are most likely three tieflings vying for control of the children of the pit. A male divine caster (either a cleric or oracle) is currently in control of the manor and the 20 or so pitlings there are affiliated with him. There is also a female non-magical melee fighter who is holed up nearby with her follower. The third potential person is unknown to us.

We also found out that the neighborhood that the children of the pit reside in is run purely on intimidation. They don’t want to cross the children of the pit for fear of those dirty little tieflings coming down on them in the worst way. But with some gold to grease their palms (50 gp to be exact) they neighborhood is willing to turn a blind eye to our movements.

Vetrius and Dyrim disguise as members of the city watch, and find a patrol of couple of guys belonging to the watch that should be policing the Children of the Pit. With fancy fresh disguises and some silvery tongued conversation they convince those men that they are superiors from a different district investigating why the Children of the Pit are left unchecked in this area. Turns out, the watch captain has been given orders from higher up to leave that neighborhood alone entirely. Even with the death of Malice those orders remain unchanged, and the watch simply just doesn’t go there for any reason.

We have 6 days before the Animal House will be ready for us. We can gather whatever equipment we need in this time to hit the children of the pit. As far as we know, there shouldn’t be any outside forces interfering whenever we go assault the manor. There is an specific item we need to get for the Torio’s from inside the manor that they have described accurately, but the exact location is unknown to us.

Party Funds at 11680 gold pieces currently.

Loot, corpses and alliances
all in a good day's work

Paraphrasing because I’m exhausted today and my notepad has frozen so I can’t copy and paste.

After the slaughter of Malice and some of his crew, we grabbed Malice’s body and the headband off one of his goons.

Resulted in:
headband of intellect +2 (knowledge planes)
ring of protection +3
longsword +3
chainmail +2
A note in a secret pocket
A 12 sided puzzle box

The note was a coded message in an unknown language from a man named Rowan. Dyrim was able to read the note via the spell Comprehend Languages. The note was some sort of order for the children of the pit, either a hit or some sort of pickup/dropoff.

The 12 sided puzzle box was enchanted with magical traps.

The party that raided the Children of the Pit’s establishment returned with 780 gold pieces.

Two scrolls of dispel magic were purchased in an attempt to remove the traps on the box. Two very strong traps remained after their usage that Vetrius was able to disable. Dyrim opened the puzzle box, and it transformed itself into a lotus flower-like key, with a six pointed star in the center.

The Stringed Axe of the Flying Underpants is gaining renown. The majority of the poor districts of Doza are now friendly toward the group and the Sewers Rats have managed to put together a hat of disguise for each member of the group.

Two or Three days after the incident, we meet with the Torio’s and dump Malice’s naked at their feet. We’re back at neutral territory with them now. Tell them of the note from Rowan. If we want to see the other half of the woodcutter’s pay, we need to find out more about Rowan but that is considered a good start. They suggest we hit the former headquarters of the Pit and see if we can gather more information. We are also told that the tieflings currently occupying the building are probably around 20 members strong. The Torio’s also refuse to give us any aid.

A man is seeking members of the Stringed Axe of the Flying Underpants. Word gets passed along, and Dyrim along with Vetrius go to meet him under the guise of being friends of the group. The man they meet is a go-between for a group who wishes to have a talk. After some investigation into the apparent nature of the meeting, they decide to don their alter egos and attend the meeting. They meet 3 people donning magical animal masks, a hare, a stag, and a boar. The hare leads the conversation. According to the hare, our group and theirs have similar goals. There is mention of the creatures at night, on Vetrius’ part, and the other group acknowledges the desire to alleviate that situation. We tell them of Rowan and the key. They are surprised that we have the key already, and tell us that they know of where the key can be used. Before they tell us where exactly, they inform us that the endeavor will take several days, maybe even a week, and that we should handle any business we have beforehand and make our preparations.

Currently we have the option of hitting the Pit’s Headquarters, then going for the key’s destination afterwards. Or simply preparing and going for the key’s destination. As far as we know, only hitting the pit’s headquarters is time sensitive.

Party is currently sitting at: 11,730 gold pieces

Malice eats dirt
ice ice baby

I had a thing written up for this but my computer froze up and I lost the notepad file before I could transfer it here. I was going to rewrite it, but I’ve been caught up with stuff and busy so I’m just gonna leave a brief summary of what happened the night we took down Malice.

We took some time to prepare for the encounter. Havel got a belt of Giant’s Strength +2 made by the Sewer Rat’s smith, using personal funds. Havel also acquired a Ring of Protection +1 using funds from the group pool of money.

After some planning we came up with the idea to send group B (Vetrius, Dyrim and Reynold’s Ranger) to hit a children of the pit’s establishment under the guise of being a rival gang grabbing for power. They left one man alive and specifically called out Malice, saying that since he hasn’t shown his face the children of the pit’s territory must be up for grabs.

While Malice was enroute to deal with this challenge to his manhood, group A (Havel, Bekken and Reidnar) laid in wait to ambush him. We set upon him and his entourage in the middle of the road. After a bloody fight, Malice ended up getting his head caved in along with his (hell?)hounds and some members of his entourage.

We ended there, amdist the carnage, with the next steps to be taken care of at the start of the following session.

How much wood could a woodcutter cut

So, we meet up with the woodcutter. Let him know we got his payment and took a job from the Torio Family that we’ve completed. He asks us to arrange a meet with them. We get the back room of a not-too-seedy bar reserved for the meet (300 gold cost). Get the second half of our payment for the smash and grab (3000 gold total). Outta no where Cutter throws an axe in the face of the lead Torio dude there, and drops him like a sack of unwanted orphans. Woodcutter leaves immediately and we do the same without any bloodshed on our part. Track the woodcutter down to see if we can get any information out of him. Get a meet arranged with him in a sauna (10 gold spent total). As far as we can tell there’s no bad blood between us but there’s also no happy fun time feelings either. However, he doesn’t want to give up the name of his original mark. We arrange a meet under the supervision of a neutral third party to ensure neither side tries to murder the other. We agree to take the job, keep the first half of the payment (10,000 gold) and upon completion there would be no bad blood between us but we also wouldn’t receive the second half of the payment. However, if we find out who funded the hit on the Torio member we could secure some portion of the remaining payment. It’s obvious Malice wouldn’t have had the funds for a sufficient counter offer, and it’s possible that it was a mere coincidence. The Torios give us whatever information they are willing to on Malice and his whereabouts then leave us to our planning, with no actual timetable for our assignment.

Two Giants and a seductress walk into a bar....
and the bar explodes

Havel here. Vetrius is…shining…his underwear. I don’t know how one sh- Huh? Yea, I’m putting that in here. Yes, I say aloud everything I write. Well if you don’t like it, don’t shine your underwear in my room. I don’t care if the best lights in here, you’ll just have to deal with it.

Ahem, as I was writing, I dunno how one shines their underwear but he’s doing it. So he wants me to update this journal he’s keeping since I was the man on the ground for the most of it, and we’re…bunk mates now. So Vetrius gets word that the Torio family hired some outside talent to knock someone off. Bek, Reidnar and I went to the bar where he was hanging out, just in time to see some poor wench get an axe to the back. Turns out the man we’re looking for, the Wood Cutter, was having a friendly wager with some other man who just can’t hold his liquor. Reidnar is a man of axes himself, so he stepped up and challenged Wood Cutter to a match of throwing battleaxes instead of hatchets. I put five hundred gold behind the man and he delivered. Wood Cutter invites us over for a drink after all is said and done (Oh Bekken was the target for the axe throwing. I don’t even try to understand that woman anymore). Reidnar and Cutter talk axes. Words are exchanged, I might’ve been staring at some ass and not paying attention, and next thing I know we’re working with Cutter. After we head out we make the decision to hear him out instead of giving him the ol’ “one-two, token on a shoe”. Bright and early he sends word for us to head to some bakery. Bekken sweet-talks the Torio kids in the back, lets them know we’re with Wood Cutter and they give us a job, half upfront and the half for Cutter. Whatever Cutter is into for the Torios, he’s getting paid A LOT.

We drop the payment off at the boat, let Vetrius get his hands on Cutter’s parcel and guesstimate what it’s worth. It’s a lot. After that we get the details on the job. Hit a bar and take out a member of the cave spiders. We figured out where the place was thanks to the help of Dyrim and got ourselves some little disguises. Rolled up to the place and Bekken does that thing where she makes ya big all over instead of just trying to make you big in your pants. I kick the front door in and we cut those dudes down faster than people could out of the clear the bar. Bekken makes our mark get his ass up off the floor, being dead ain’t a reason to be lazy around her, and we walk him outta there.

Good day.

Underpants belong on your head and in the sea
I like 'em wet

Panty Snatcher here again. The Flying Underpants of the Stringed Axe go us a job to pry open the fingers o’ the watch and let a little jailbird free. I ain’t never gonna pass up a chance to catch the guard with the pants down, to fucking amusing what they got going on down there, so o’course the undies went ‘long. Axe never don’t wanna hit sumf’in and I think Strings just loves the sound o’ his voice so much he can’t stand hearing hisself say no. Or mebbe his type don’t got no love for the guard neither, one o’ these days I’ll hafta ask him a proper question instead o’ just eyeing that fat pouch o’ his……Anyway. I found me a once not-so-dirty lil’ bugger who’s be on the inside all proper like. Had himself a good memory too once he realized who he talkin’ to, gave us the highup and the lowdown on da innards o’ da garrison where the hammer (ours jailbird) was bein’ kept.

Axe, strings an’ I git ta talking. Come up wit’ a mighty fine plan if I do say so meself. Put a bit o’ poison in they dinner. Grab us the hammah and ghost ‘em. Now tha’ might sound simple enough but there was all kinds o’ intricacies I ain’t gonna go inta here. Trademarked secrets. And it wasn’t till Strings gots ta speaking my language and found us a feller wit’ too much taggit on his hands that the whole thing really came together.

Axe gets himself inside the best way he knows how: gettin’ arrested. Now, if ya ask me, what that man can do to another man with a mug o’ cider is just inhumane. Some might say it challenges the existence of morals themselves, and I just can’t get enough of it. Axe gives hammer the heads-up to starve for a night.

Strings and I wait till it’s gettin’ ‘round dinner time to make our move. Strings’ fingers gets all wiggly and he does stuff I don’t even pretend make sense and then I’m actually ghost. Musta took the ghosting part of the plan too seriously, in a good way. I go a creep inside like the sneak-thief I am, and give that stew our special ingredient. T’is a good thing strings already knew rat-meat stew with pisswater broth has a tendency to water down taggit, something about rat sweat and piss having some special chemi-cah-whatsit reaction that makes the taggit not hit ya as hard, so we got extra doses to spike it with. I creep back out the way I came in and give the guards some time ta pass out.

Me, Strings and our special guest: the Priest, stroll in through the front with Axe’s gear in tow. Guy at the front is passed out, so I give the place a quick once-over. Couple o’ rooms seem ta have some conscious bodies in ‘em so I get ta jamming their locks. Jammed the second one a bit too loud, and the guys in there start making a ruckus. Strings and the Priest come ta hold the door while I get Axe and the hammer out o’ they cells.

O’course by now a couple o’ dudes hear the noise and come running. Strings gets wiggly again and gives one o’ ‘em a proper nap. Axe gets all choppy, now that he’s got his gear again, and just gives the second guy a dirt nap with jus’ one mighty swing. If the priest weren’t there, pretty sure guy number two woulda just been a pile o’ numba two, if ya know what I’m saying.

Before them other guards can break they door down, we cut out through the well and get the hammer to safety.

Turns out the hammer is all kinds o’ smithly and can make us some handy dandy trinkets and whathaveyas.

After some well deserved rest (and a bath. Sewers, surprisingly, make ya smell like shit) Splinter (aka, leader o’ the sewer rats, aka Jory) hits us with a job offer that isn’t full of love and warm fuzzies. Group o’ folks lost they boat and they want it back without having their name involved in the repossession incase shit goes sour. O’course they offerin’ payment, so we give ‘em our word and get ta going. Big ol’ half-ogre has the boat, ‘pparently, and Strings decides ta pull the drunkenly revelry card, his favorite card (if you don’t count arson), an’ tries to join the party on the boat. Strings, Axe an’ the whores, did I forget to mention the whores?, stroll up to the boat lookin’ drunker then a keg full o’ midgets while I hang back. Ogre and the ogettes ain’t having none o’ us or our whores, so Strings starts talking about they tiny dicks instead and that’s when they got real fuckin’ pissy. In the middle o’ all this tiny dick talk, strings slips in some wigglin’ and makes that plank more slippery than Krusk’s mom at the sight o’ a sweetroll. Let’s jus’ say, them boys had a bad time. We returned the boat and them three dudes who we helped out turn around an’ tell us they wanna join our cause. Looks like we’re hot shit, and they think they hot shit. Looks like we’re becoming a Team Managing Networked Tunnels

And now we’re on boat.

Bullet points of the last two sessions

-Find out two gangs are currently enemies of the children of the pit. House of the Scorpion(?) more sophisticated gang of ninja-like assassins. And another street gang that is essentially a group of thugs that I can’t remember the name of.

-Discover House Torio is currently not having an issue with the children of the pit, but are in a prime position to be goaded into aggression agains the children of the pit.

-Find and case one of their cardplaces that’s situated in the back of a tavern. Doubles as a storehouse for some of their illegal trade. Move goods in and out of here, but don’t sell from this locale.

-Hit the place at night during a pick-up. Attack from the back disguised as children of the pit. Jumped out a second story window across the alleyway as the drop was being made.

-Killed everyone outside (Reidnar chased down a guy that tried to make a break for it) then killed everyone inside.

-Looted the place of money and sellable goods that were easily carryable.

-Set the building on fire, dragged out three bodies outside and put a total of 3 children of the pit tokens on their faces. (Should have a minimum of 3 tokens left)

-Split the gold four ways. Dyrim – Reidnar – Vetrius – Sewer Rats. 250 gold each.

-Met with the sewers rats to see their current state and distribute the wealth.

-Crowded conditions. Solution: Nearby creepy place with noises

-Creepy place: Catacombs that were blocked off by the sewer construction.

-Two bitch ass skeletons, one armored skeleton, two ghouls, and a wight.

-Reidnar explodes a lot of shit with crazy fucking damage.

-Reidnar and Vetrius get some love kisses from ghouls.

-Clear the place out.

-Find a hidden tomb. Contains a mummy and cursed treasure. Kill mummy. Reidnar gets a love tap and mummy rot.

-Break the curse by giving away the money to the sewer rats. Comes out to around 5k gold when all is said and done.

-Act of charity gets Reidnar free heals. No more mummyrot or ghoul mono.

-Vetrius has gotten enough questionable kisses in his life to be immune to ghoul mono.

-Jory informs us that a man they were trying to get underground was arrested before they got to him. Man is an expectional crafter (not just a regular old smith, more talented than that) that would be of aid to the resistance. Can probably sharpen and restring our axe and even sew up the flying underpants while he’s at it.

-Agree to help bust him out. Have one day to case the place and come up with a plan. He’s being moved the next morning. Will discuss further in forum.


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