Doza by Night

The Paladin, the Damsel and the Arch-Devil

Plus his merry band of men

We learned from the Animal House that Rowan’s estate is essentially an impregnable fortress. Easiest way to enter is to take part in a party that hosts a play that is part bloodsport part Shakespeare. Vertrius, Reidnar, and Dyrim elected to take part in the play after the script had been laid out for them. A paladin would travel into hell to rescue his kidnapped love. The role of the Paladin would be played by Dyrim. Reidnar and Vetrius would play the roles of the Paladins companions alongside two other actors, conscripted into the play. Another actor would play the role of betrayer. One of the Paladins comrades would turn on the group mid-way through their journey.

In anticipation for the play and it’s hazards, the group purchased 4650 gp worth of goods. Several potions and a wand of eagle splendor.

The play started out smoothly enough. The resist potions they purchased proved useful as they protected them from the wall of fire that simulated their descent into hell. The actor playing the betrayer had apparently participated in and lived through this play before, filling the same role, and it showed in his knowledge of the hazards. Vetrius was playing it up to the audience and did a decent job of keeping the spotlight bouncing between himself and the betrayer. Reidnar and Dyrim were hitting their lines and navigating the dangers well enough to keep the audience interested in the play. The other two actors, Falco and redshirt were not having the best of luck. Fire in the second act all but burned the redshirt to a crisp, leaving him completely naked by the start of the third act. In the third act both Falco and the redshirt ended up taking a tumble in the acid pit while trying to reach the skeletal archers. Vetrius and Reidnar tag-teamed the skeletons in daring fashion while Dyrim took the time to save Falco’s life. The Betrayer assisted in taking out the archers but did so in the most douchebag way he could manage. He struggled some with his rapier which kept him from stealing the show as it were, and Vetrius’ somersault behind the enemy lines definitely caught the audience’s attention.

In between acts, Vetrius sabotaged the Betrayer’s outfit so that when next he drew his weapon, his pants would fall down.

In the fourth act they met with a Cerberus, and the betrayer revealed himself to be a traitor. They all managed to keep their cool and not run into a spinning wall of blades out of fear of the Cerberus, although Vetrius botched his line rather terribly as a result. Dyrim however delivered a particularly captivating performance on his which no doubt stole the audience’s attention away from the whimpering Vetrius.

Next they had a sitdown with the arch-demon and played a game of chance. Essentially russian roulette with drinks. Dyrim unfortunately downed a poison that would have claimed his life were it not for Falco intervening with a potion of his own.

That is where we ended for the night.

Current Party funds: 2811pg 2sp 5cp



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