Doza by Night

Two Giants and a seductress walk into a bar....

and the bar explodes

Havel here. Vetrius is…shining…his underwear. I don’t know how one sh- Huh? Yea, I’m putting that in here. Yes, I say aloud everything I write. Well if you don’t like it, don’t shine your underwear in my room. I don’t care if the best lights in here, you’ll just have to deal with it.

Ahem, as I was writing, I dunno how one shines their underwear but he’s doing it. So he wants me to update this journal he’s keeping since I was the man on the ground for the most of it, and we’re…bunk mates now. So Vetrius gets word that the Torio family hired some outside talent to knock someone off. Bek, Reidnar and I went to the bar where he was hanging out, just in time to see some poor wench get an axe to the back. Turns out the man we’re looking for, the Wood Cutter, was having a friendly wager with some other man who just can’t hold his liquor. Reidnar is a man of axes himself, so he stepped up and challenged Wood Cutter to a match of throwing battleaxes instead of hatchets. I put five hundred gold behind the man and he delivered. Wood Cutter invites us over for a drink after all is said and done (Oh Bekken was the target for the axe throwing. I don’t even try to understand that woman anymore). Reidnar and Cutter talk axes. Words are exchanged, I might’ve been staring at some ass and not paying attention, and next thing I know we’re working with Cutter. After we head out we make the decision to hear him out instead of giving him the ol’ “one-two, token on a shoe”. Bright and early he sends word for us to head to some bakery. Bekken sweet-talks the Torio kids in the back, lets them know we’re with Wood Cutter and they give us a job, half upfront and the half for Cutter. Whatever Cutter is into for the Torios, he’s getting paid A LOT.

We drop the payment off at the boat, let Vetrius get his hands on Cutter’s parcel and guesstimate what it’s worth. It’s a lot. After that we get the details on the job. Hit a bar and take out a member of the cave spiders. We figured out where the place was thanks to the help of Dyrim and got ourselves some little disguises. Rolled up to the place and Bekken does that thing where she makes ya big all over instead of just trying to make you big in your pants. I kick the front door in and we cut those dudes down faster than people could out of the clear the bar. Bekken makes our mark get his ass up off the floor, being dead ain’t a reason to be lazy around her, and we walk him outta there.

Good day.



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