Doza by Night

The Belated Recap

End of a play, beginning of an Orgy

Before the final act we are warned of a dangerous foe by a messenger from the Animal house, whom also delivers us a mysterious scroll. We encounter a Bone Devil in the next act, whom we ultimately defeat with the assistance of the scroll we were given that helps us circumvent it’s Damage Reduction. The actor playing the traitor attempts to flee the stage, and is frozen in place then vanishes. Collected 200 gold worth of coins from pouches thrown at us in celebration. Later, backstage, we catch a glimpse of the actor being held down by house guards. From a darkened corner of the room we see a small portion of a giant reveal itself and pull the traitor into a shadow dimension.

Next the pre-game to the orgy begins. In this ensuing party we come across 5 notable NPCs and are able to deduce that the entrance to the vault is a mirror. The vault is also guarded by possibly infernal creatures. Shadow creatures are also a connection to the infernal realm. Also the thief Vetrius spoke to, Fenrick Drovingch, is willing to pay for information on the vault so contacts have been set in place to do so later.

Go up into the attic after orgy begins. Someone has been through here recently. Find secret door that has a disabled magic trap on it that would’ve exploded. Find a metal mirror underneath a greasy rag. Touching the key and the mirror allows entry into the vault. Leads to a kind of pocket dimension that appears to be constantly changing. Inside we find the carcass of an elven wizard. Has robes on. Haversack full of pearls, scrolls, and a piece of parchment. Stabbed to death. Body was dumped here. Password guesses on parchment.

Scrolls inside the haversack:
a scroll of chill touch
a scroll of command undead
a scroll of ray of exhaustion
a scroll of vampiric touch
a scroll of false life

Moving deeper inside we find and fight 3 demon quill beasts (Howlers). Shortly thereafter we come across a small library. In said library Vetrius finds the book:“Drowned Jabe and his miserable brothers and sisters”. Next we come across a prison. Everyone has died of old age except for one prisoner who is clearly insane. Bearded Devil with a glaive in a prison cell (Will come back to kill this Devil and steal his glaive). Sustenance prison cells, rested in cells. Moved on, found poop waterfall room. Smells absolutely terrible. Lacedons come up. One of the lacedons turns out to be Jabe. We killed his brothers/sisters and befriend Jabe. He found money in the poop water. 1000 gp worth of stuff and a wand of levitate.

After we leave this room we find an ice slide. We use wand of levitate to navigate past. Jabe slides down, takes no damage.

Come to intersection. Jabe investigates. West is pit with chains. South is door. Through door find another intersection. 4 ways to go. SW and SE are stairs. West and South are corridors with Signs. Arachnophobia and Ophidiophobia.



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