Doza by Night

Malice eats dirt

ice ice baby

I had a thing written up for this but my computer froze up and I lost the notepad file before I could transfer it here. I was going to rewrite it, but I’ve been caught up with stuff and busy so I’m just gonna leave a brief summary of what happened the night we took down Malice.

We took some time to prepare for the encounter. Havel got a belt of Giant’s Strength +2 made by the Sewer Rat’s smith, using personal funds. Havel also acquired a Ring of Protection +1 using funds from the group pool of money.

After some planning we came up with the idea to send group B (Vetrius, Dyrim and Reynold’s Ranger) to hit a children of the pit’s establishment under the guise of being a rival gang grabbing for power. They left one man alive and specifically called out Malice, saying that since he hasn’t shown his face the children of the pit’s territory must be up for grabs.

While Malice was enroute to deal with this challenge to his manhood, group A (Havel, Bekken and Reidnar) laid in wait to ambush him. We set upon him and his entourage in the middle of the road. After a bloody fight, Malice ended up getting his head caved in along with his (hell?)hounds and some members of his entourage.

We ended there, amdist the carnage, with the next steps to be taken care of at the start of the following session.


4000 XP

Malice eats dirt

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