Doza by Night

Loot, corpses and alliances

all in a good day's work

Paraphrasing because I’m exhausted today and my notepad has frozen so I can’t copy and paste.

After the slaughter of Malice and some of his crew, we grabbed Malice’s body and the headband off one of his goons.

Resulted in:
headband of intellect +2 (knowledge planes)
ring of protection +3
longsword +3
chainmail +2
A note in a secret pocket
A 12 sided puzzle box

The note was a coded message in an unknown language from a man named Rowan. Dyrim was able to read the note via the spell Comprehend Languages. The note was some sort of order for the children of the pit, either a hit or some sort of pickup/dropoff.

The 12 sided puzzle box was enchanted with magical traps.

The party that raided the Children of the Pit’s establishment returned with 780 gold pieces.

Two scrolls of dispel magic were purchased in an attempt to remove the traps on the box. Two very strong traps remained after their usage that Vetrius was able to disable. Dyrim opened the puzzle box, and it transformed itself into a lotus flower-like key, with a six pointed star in the center.

The Stringed Axe of the Flying Underpants is gaining renown. The majority of the poor districts of Doza are now friendly toward the group and the Sewers Rats have managed to put together a hat of disguise for each member of the group.

Two or Three days after the incident, we meet with the Torio’s and dump Malice’s naked at their feet. We’re back at neutral territory with them now. Tell them of the note from Rowan. If we want to see the other half of the woodcutter’s pay, we need to find out more about Rowan but that is considered a good start. They suggest we hit the former headquarters of the Pit and see if we can gather more information. We are also told that the tieflings currently occupying the building are probably around 20 members strong. The Torio’s also refuse to give us any aid.

A man is seeking members of the Stringed Axe of the Flying Underpants. Word gets passed along, and Dyrim along with Vetrius go to meet him under the guise of being friends of the group. The man they meet is a go-between for a group who wishes to have a talk. After some investigation into the apparent nature of the meeting, they decide to don their alter egos and attend the meeting. They meet 3 people donning magical animal masks, a hare, a stag, and a boar. The hare leads the conversation. According to the hare, our group and theirs have similar goals. There is mention of the creatures at night, on Vetrius’ part, and the other group acknowledges the desire to alleviate that situation. We tell them of Rowan and the key. They are surprised that we have the key already, and tell us that they know of where the key can be used. Before they tell us where exactly, they inform us that the endeavor will take several days, maybe even a week, and that we should handle any business we have beforehand and make our preparations.

Currently we have the option of hitting the Pit’s Headquarters, then going for the key’s destination afterwards. Or simply preparing and going for the key’s destination. As far as we know, only hitting the pit’s headquarters is time sensitive.

Party is currently sitting at: 11,730 gold pieces



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