Doza by Night

Abandoned House in Doza

Jory's Request

Jory’s always been there with work when I needed some coin in my pocket. This time might look like it’s ripe for the picking, but if you make the wrong enemies with no friends at your back you’ll be lucky to spend your nights in the dungeons and not at the bottom of the hard sea. So when Jory sent little weasel face around looking for me, I didn’t hesitate in making my way over (o’course I finished my private business first. No need to rush too much). Seein’ the other three there made this a lil’ unusual though. Usually Jory sets me up with one guy at most to watch my back or jus’ ‘pects me to take care o’ meself. So being told Reidnar, Dyrim and Tahn’s gonna be coming along was a bit o’ a brow raiser.

Turns out someone else’s gone missing. This time it’s someone who owes Jory, and he wants us to collect. Alls he wants is some logbook though, and anything else is fair game. No one’s got any qualms wit’ getting a little dirty so we go to case the joint. Dyrim lays some soothe tones to cover the operation, even manages to wet the garments o’ a few ladies and earn himself some coin while he’s at it. Place obviously seen better days. Whoever owned it ain’t been living in it for some time and she looks shut right up. Dyrim got the tingly eyes and seems some magic on the doors and windows. Typical for this sorta place, so it ain’t gonna be no simple boot the door open an’ go type o’ hit. We find where the alley behind the house opens up and call it a day.

Kick the shit till things get dark. Someone suggests we carry some booze incase we get spotted, play it off like we’re drunk. Think the monk, Tahn, footed the bill or the bard, Dyrim, just pulled some out of his ass. Either way, we get to the alley and Dyrim plays lookout while I lead the way to the back of the house we need to hit. Reidnar’s a little heavy on his feet, but he gives me a boost over the wall and we’re in the house before anyone’s the wiser. Not sure why Dyrim had to piss all over the trash before he shut the gate and came inside but hey, I ain’t judging. These doors got magical traps on ‘em and pretty decent locks to boot but ain’t nothing I never seen before so it’s not too much trouble getting through it all.

For the most part, this place doesn’t look like anything special. Nothing too shiny lying about, but the upstairs bedroom got some serious looking magic on it and Jory said what we’re looking for is probably in the basement so we head down there first. Some local do-gooder checked the front of the house but didn’t catch a whiff of us so we’s keep on keeping. Basement looks pretty standard for this sort o’ place. That is, till we find this pretty shittily hidden trap door. Once I get pass the magic on it, three lil’ rats come flying out of it and take a chunk outta Dyrim. He gives one a taste o’ his steel and Tahn just kinda punches the other two and its more than they little bodies can take. I dunno why you wanna punch a rat in the face, but again I ain’t here to judge. Now we’s hop down into this tiny coffin of a room an’ give this silly little door the stink-eye, open’s right quick after that.

Tahn damn near kicks a tripwire before Reidnar and Dyrim give ‘im the heads-up to cool his heels. After that he gets this look in his eye like he wants to punch it, so I make sure to deal with that right quick. Don’t need some giant axe cutting me good bits off. I only got so many left. I cut through the first door and let Reidnar take point this time. Two suits of armor come ta life and rush ‘im. Like the hero I am, I rush in and distract them with my dazzling acrobatics. I tie up both their swords long enough for the rest of the group to pour through and overwhelm ’em. Reidnar swings that axe like a feckin’ madman, and I swear he looked almost disappointed that there wasn’t a body inside that armor.

We ain’t gonna talk about that pisswater they called potions that was in that there storeroom.

Afore I give this here room the once over, since it looks like the place to be, we go and check the other room down the hall. Turns out just to be a spider-friend for Tahn. Apparently Tahn likes to punch his friend’s in the face and turn ‘em to goo, so I’ma avoid getting close wit’ that fella. Turns out there was a secret door in tha’ storeroom we just came from. Logbooks and some other books in there, maybe they all logbooks. What really caught my eye was the lockbox. I mighta been a little hasty cause that shit tried ta stab me once I nicked it, only grazed me but whatever it was made me feel all kinds o’ fuckin’ weak. Lil’ surprised I can even manhandle this quill right now. That place put us through the ringer a bit there and walkin’ turned into a bit o’ a challenge for me, plus we already got what we needed so we decide to cover our tracks and clear out. Reidnar’s got the books and I’m keeping the lockbox in safe keeping while we head to our respective beds. In the mornin’ we’re gonna meet up at Jory’s and let him know what’s what. Tonight I’ma sleep like a baby cause my arms feel like one.

~Greatest Thief this side of Doza


1300 XP (enough to raise all characters to level 2)

Abandoned House in Doza

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